Secure Socket Layers (SSL) Setup

No matter how brilliantly-designed a website is, aesthetics and function would not matter much without the presence of effective security in a website. The most important interactions and transactions between the businesses and customers, private and sensitive data relating to bank details and personal information, and sensitive files and documents related to your organisation, are secured and protected by encryption technologies available online.
Incentive Digital, a team of WordPress web designers from Newcastle, is equipped with particular knowledge and expertise relating to this added layer of security afforded to websites and pages. We call it SSL or Secure Sockets Layer.
The importance of SSL or Secure Sockets Layer cannot be stressed enough. Apart from protecting your data, your customers’ data, and other third party data, having an SSL or Secure Sockets Layer also establishes a certain kind of legitimacy and trustworthiness to a particular website.

How SSL Established Trust between Customers and Businesses

As much as we hate to say it, the World Wide Web, when dealt with irresponsibly, can be dangerous. Once you enter particular websites, or download particular files, you can be susceptible to viruses, bugs, and other nefarious online designs.
This distrust often makes people hesitant to enter into websites that are not as established as others. This distrust hurts these novice websites, as it limits the interaction and engagement of customers, visitors, and users on their website.
The beauty with using SSL is people can quite easily determine that your website can be trusted and can be dealt with without second-guessing. Spotting a website which uses SSL can be quite easy. You just have to look at the address bar, and if you see a lock icon, or if you see an https:// format, then it means that the website that you’re visiting is protected by SSL.

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As already mentioned, SSL also protects sensitive data coming from you, your users, and your third party partners or contributors. In order to incentivise these people to continue dealing with your business, you need to be able to assure them that you are careful of the data that they’re giving to you.

If you want to have a website equipped with SSL, look no further and seek assistance from Incentive Digital, a team of WordPress web designers from Newcastle, which specialises on providing top-notch web development service. For enquiries, you may reach us by calling us at +61 (02) 8078 9033 or by sending us an email at