Responsive Sites

UX or User experience has always been one of the most important aspects of web design. Here at Incentive Digital, our team of WordPress web designers from Newcastle knows that when it comes to maximum online community engagement, ease of access and cohesive design is needed in any website.

Examples of responsive website designs

These sites aren’t ones that are responsible for but we like the way the designers and developers have handled the responsive nature of the websites and they are great demonstrations of concept.

Responsive sites: a multi-device approach to web development

As we all well know, technology has been continuously evolving throughout the decades, and that evolution also covers web design, among other facets of the World Wide Web. Before, people could only have access to the internet through the use of their computers. Now, there are heaps of other devices like mobile devices, tablets, and other smart devices, that people could use in order to have access to websites.
Since these devices have varying resolutions, input methods, and other features, it can be quite challenging to choose just one particular format for one’s websites. What works in websites for some devices might not work for alternative devices. If not responded to, this issue could come at the cost of users and consumers from a particular device or platform.
In order to respond to that, our team of WordPress web designers from Newcastle offers a multi-device approach when it comes to web development. No matter what device, no matter what platform, you can be sure that your consumers would be able to access your goods and services, and that they would be able to do it efficiently.

Responding to input methods by different devices

One aspect of fantastic UX is effective input methods for any device. When we talk about input methods, we mean keyboards, mouses, trackpads, touchscreens, and the like. For successful customer engagement and interaction, it is important that they’d be able to navigate through your website, as well as input necessary information and data with ease.
Our brilliant team of WordPress web designers from Newcastle knows how to respond to that particular dilemma. No matter what device or platform you’re using, our team would be able to optimise your device and the website for better performance. This involves ideal font sizes, font types, generously-sized buttons, and accessible forms.
In this day and age, responsive sites are practically required if you want to maximise your website’s performance. Therefore, it is necessary that you choose the right people to help you build responsive sites. We at Incentive Digital would be happy to guide you all throughout the process. For enquiries, you may call us at +61 (02) 8078 9033 or send us an email at