Domain with Email

For any website, no matter what kind of service you seek to offer, professionalism is expected and required. Every aspect of your interaction with your peers affects their future transaction and engagements with you. As a website owner, since one of the goals of having a website is in order to be able to attract visitors, users, and consumers, you need to make your website professional and enticing—even down to the small and nitty-gritty details. Usually, when dealing with your customers, the email addresses that people use are hosted by common sites like Google, Yahoo, and the like. Although these are somewhat acceptable when it comes to interacting with your customers, having these kinds of email addresses lessens the legitimacy and professionalism in online engagements and interactions. Here at Incentive Digital, a team of WordPress web designers from Newcastle, apart from offering web design, web development, content management, and graphics design, we also offer the feature of an email patterned after one’s domain name.

It establishes professionalism between businesses and customers

Most websites, even if they already have a domain name, use common email hosts like Google and Yahoo to end their email addresses. However, what most people do not know is that once you have your own domain, you have the choice on whether or not you want to have an email address hosted with that domain name, or not.
Of course, the answer to the question on whether or not you’d prefer to have an email based on your domain name must always be yes. The first reason is because it gives your website, and your company a certain kind of legitimacy. Having a domain-based email means that you are serious with your business. With a domain-based email, you exude professionalism, and you help create and add to your brand identity.

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